Pallet Rental

great quality pallets without the worry of outright ownership

Pallet Rental Program

Our pallet rental program is an excellent way for manufacturers to get great quality pallets without the worry of outright ownership. You get guaranteed pallet deliveries without the cost of maintenance and repair.

Lower Upfront Cost

Renting pallets is a great way to reduce the upfront cost of acquiring pallets. If you need plastic or metal pallets, the upfront costs are even higher, making rental an attractive option. Renting pallets also gives you a more predictable budget than pallet purchases, and it also allows you to avoid expenses related to repairs.


Your business is dynamic, and so are your pallet needs. You can scale your pallet needs to match your demand by renting – scale up or down quickly. You will only pay for what you use. Simplify your purchasing process.

Better Quality

We inspect and repair all pallets before putting them back into service, and our pallets will meet stringent quality standards at all times. In addition to inspections, pallets are cleaned and disinfected to rest assured that you are getting the best pallets for your products.

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